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The Middle East Studies Program offers students an interdisciplinary minor aimed at a comparative study of the Middle East (including North Africa).  The minor curriculum's "Core Courses" emphasize the study of the Middle East since the emergence of Islam, while "Supporting Courses" may include further study of the ancient, medieval, or modern Middle East, or a three-quarter sequence of a Middle Eastern language. A complete listing of approved and petitionable minor courses can be found on the "courses" page and in the general catalog.

Middle East Studies students are encouraged to Study Abroad. Approved courses taken at other universities or through participation in the Education Abroad Program can be included as part of the minor by petition.

Questions regarding coursework for a Middle East Studies minor may be directed to the Program Director. Questions regarding minor requirements or general information may be directed to the Program Coordinator.

You can now support the Middle East Studies Program by donating to the Institute of Arts and Humanities Unrestricted Fund. Please include the program in the special instructions section.  Give Now

Program Advising


Program Director

Michael Provence

Phone: tel: 858-534-3541

Academic Advising

  • Course Recommendations
  • Study Abroad
  • Petition for Exception Approvals