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A European Studies Minor is more than just a collection of courses. European Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the politics, culture, economy, society and history of Europe, and on Europe’s place in the world. It puts you on the threshold of a world at the forefront of dynamic change -- social, cultural, political, and economic -- as well as a world of rich and resonant traditions in literature, philosophy, science, art and architecture.  There are close to 70 faculty in various departments at UCSD affiliated with the European Studies Minor, whose courses form our curriculum.  Students may choose from among these, with any emphasis that they desire.  The European Studies Minor is a very useful credential to have on your degree, especially if you are interested in a career that has a global dimension.  It also indicates an approach to the world that is attractive to law, medical and business schools.    


Here are some of the issues your studies for the Minor could open up:

Brexit: what are the implications of the UK leaving the EU?

The Euro: how does an international currency function?

Immigration: how can the movement of peoples be conducted?    

Heritage: how can the past be preserved for the future?

Privacy: what are the rights of citizens and the obligations of the state to individual privacy in the digital age?

Social Justice: how can inequality be addressed?

Through consultation with the Program Coordinator, students choosing to minor in European Studies may design their coursework to focus on their own interests by drawing from multiple disciplines including communications, economics, history, political science, literature, sociology, philosophy, the arts and more. The program also encourages students to complete some of their coursework through study abroad in Europe.

Questions regarding minor requirements may be directed to the Program Coordinator.

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Program Advising


Program Director

William Tronzo

Office: Visual Arts 351
Phone: 858-534-3745

Academic Advising

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  • Study Abroad
  • Petition for Exception Approvals