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Lower Division Requirements


All majors must demonstrate a broad introduction to the study of ancient civilizations and elementary reading ability in Greek and Latin.

Synopsis of Greco-Roman Civilizations. A broad introduction to ancient civilizations is satisfied by completing the Literature-World (LTWL) 19a-b-c sequence, or an equivalent set of courses (e.g. Humanities 1-2; MMW 11 and 12; or other combinations of lower-division courses with significant content about ancient civilizations at UC San Diego or at another college). Equivalence of courses is determined by petition through the undergraduate advisor.

  1. LTWL 19A Introduction to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, or equivalent.
  2. LTWL 19B Introduction to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, or equivalent.
  3. LTWL 19C Introduction to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, or equivalent.

Elementary Reading Ability in Greek and Latin. In order to take upper-division Latin and Greek courses, a major must have the equivalent of a year of college-level instruction in Greek and Latin. This can be satisfied by the sequences below, or by equivalent courses elsewhere.


LTLA 1 Beginning Latin

LTLA 2 Intermediate Latin (I)

LTLA 3 Intermediate Latin (II)


LTGK 1 Beginning Greek

LTGK 2 Intermediate Greek (I)

LTGK 3 Intermediate Greek (II)


Majors who have taken language courses in high school or at community colleges should speak to the Program Director about how those courses may count toward completing their language competency. 

Upper Division Course Requirements

The Classical Studies major itself consists of twelve upper-division courses (forty-eight units). All courses used to meet requirements for a major in Classical Studies must be taken for a letter grade and be passed with a grade of C- or better.

Specialized Greco-Roman Civilizations Electives. Majors must take three upper division elective courses from the approved course list, and from at least two different departments (including History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, and Visual Arts).

  1. Elective 1 (Department 1)
  2. Elective 2 (Department 2)
  3. Elective 3 (Department 2)

Advanced Reading Ability in Greek and Latin. Majors must take nine upper-division courses in which texts are read in Latin and Greek (from the LTGK and LTLA sequences; note that these courses may be repeated as topics vary; for details see the course descriptions). These should be taken in such a way that six courses are taken in one language and three in another.

Latin Emphasis

4. LTLA Elective

5. LTLA Elective

6. LTLA Elective

7. LTLA Elective

8. LTLA Elective

9. LTLA Elective

10. LTGK Elective

11. LTGK Elective

12. LTGK Elective

Greek Emphasis

4. LTGK Elective

5. LTGK Elective

6. LTGK Elective

7. LTGK Elective

8. LTGK Elective

9. LTGK Elective

10. LTLA Elective

11. LTLA Elective

12. LTLA Elective


Degree Paths on the Degree Audit

The Classical Studies major has three degree paths: Classics, Latin, & Greek. Currently, the degree audit system populates all courses for the major under the "Latin" path until a student has completed enough coursework for the degree audit system to recognize a different path. Currently, we cannot correct that issue, but the degree audit system is in the process of being updated--hopefully, path selection will be a functionality they will add.

Transfer Students

UC San Diego’s Program in Classical Studies welcomes transfer students. Students planning to transfer from two-year colleges should try to complete as many of the lower-division prerequisites for the major as possible. Specifically,

1. a course equivalent in duration and content to UC San Diego’s Literatures of the World 19A-B-C, and,

2. if possible, elementary Greek and/or Latin, as appropriate for the planned classical studies major.

Community college students planning to transfer to the University of California are often permitted to take one course per semester at a UC campus. Elementary Latin or Greek would be a good choice for this option if the languages are not available on your community college campus. Students with questions about transferring into UC San Diego’s Program in Classical Studies should review the Transfer Students Admission page on the UC San Diego website and feel free to contact the faculty adviser for the program with any questions.

Learning Objectives of the Classical Studies Program

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