Classical Studies is concerned with the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome - roughly from the time of Homer to the time of St. Augustine - in all of their aspects.

This program thus offers undergraduates an opportunity to study the cultures of Greece and Rome through the combined resources of the departments of History, Literature, Visual Arts, Theater and Dance, and Philosophy.

The study of Ancient Greek and Latin languages themselves serves as the starting point for the broader consideration of specific texts in their literary, intellectual, and historical context. Moreover, in cooperation with the Judaic Studies Program, students are provided the opportunity to link the study of Ancient Greece and Rome to that of the Ancient Near East.

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Program Director

Anthony Edwards

Office: Literature 441
Phone: 534-3143

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Program Coordinator

Mitzy Martinez

Office: Hum. & Social Sci. 1005
Phone: 534-4551

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  • Degree Audits
  • Basic Major/Minor Requirements
  • General Questions
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