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Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies: People

Program Director 

Amelia Glaser
Associate Professor of Literature 
Literature Building, Room 345

For office hours, consult the literature department website

Program Coordinator and Student Advisor 

Jose Agustin Ibarra
Current undergraduate students, please use the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) for advising questions.
Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 1024

Walk-in Advising:
9:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-3:00 PM
and by appointment

Core Faculty 

Robert Edelman
Professor of History

Amelia Glaser
Associate Professor of Literature 

Martha Lampland
Professor of Sociology

Patrick Patterson
Associate Professor of History

Philip Roeder
Professor of Political Science

Rebecca Wells
Lecturer of Literature   

Undergraduate Peer Advisor

Aaron Nuohan Wu


My biggest dreams: to become a Slavic philologist; to be able to perform Beethoven’s “Emperor Concerto” for my parents and professors; and to raise Samoyeds in Siberia. These life goals are all rooted in my fascination with Russian/Slavic languages and culture.

I started my Russian journey in college rather “spontaneously.” A dear friend of mine once told me that his MMW professor is also a pianist. Out of intellectual curiosity and admiration for sophisticated musicians, I enrolled in this professor’s Russian literature survey class in my sophomore year. After reading Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons, the first novel we studied in that class, I could not think of any other subject that was worth devoting my whole life to except Russian literature. This “pianist professor” is Professor Steven Cassedy, now professor emeritus — one of the greatest minds of the humanities I have ever known. Professor Cassedy, along with other eminent professors I have encountered in REEES, shaped my entire academic trajectory and changed the course of my life eternally.

One of the many great things I appreciate about the REEES program is its flexibility. Not only is the program directly tailored to accommodate the various interests of students, but students are encouraged to deviate from the regular curriculum and pursue our individual passions. No matter is it the necessity of a “personalized” Russian language program with Professor Wells according to your linguistic background and learning style, a specific topic about literature that you would like to explore in-depth with Professor Glaser, or even the opportunities of writing history research paper with Professor Edelman in his history courses — REEES can deliver your aspirations.

As this year’s REEES undergraduate peer advisor, I want to warmly welcome you to our REEES family and look forward to seeing you in our classes and wonderful events to come.

Affiliated Faculty

Farrell Ackerman
Professor of Linguistics 

Lera Boroditsky
Associate Professor of Cognitive Science

Steven Cassedy
Professor Emeritus of Literature

Frantisek Deak
Professor Emeritus of Theatre and Dance

Jesse Driscoll
Associate Professor; Chair, Global Leadership Institute

Deborah Hertz
Professor of History

Roger Levy
Associate Adjunct Professor of Linguistics

Akos Rona-Tas
Professor of Sociology

Yelena Severina
Lecturer of Literature

Affiliated Graduate Students

Kevin Hart, Literature

Teresa Kuruc, Literature

Anna Starshinina, Communication

Olga Lazitsky, Communication

Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler, Literature


Publications by UC San Diego Faculty, Alumni, and Neighbors

Recently Published

Connected: How Trains, Genes, Pineapples, Piano Keys, and a Few Disasters Transformed Americans at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century
Steven Cassedy, UC San Diego Professor of Literature
(Stanford U.P., 2014)
Bought and Sold: Living and Losing the Good Life in Socialist Yugoslavia

Patrick Patterson, UC San Diego Associate Professor of History
(Cornell University Press, 2012)

Jews and Ukrainians in Russia's Literary Borderlands
Amelia Glaser, UC San Diego Associate Professor of Literature
(Northwestern University Press, 2012)

Gnedich: A Novel
Maria Rybakova (SDSU)
(Moscow: Vremi, 2011)

Spartak Moscow: A History of the People's Team in the Worker's State
Robert Edelman, UC San Diego Professor of History
(Cornell University Press, November 2009)

Standards and Their Stories: How Quantifying, Classifying, and Formalizing Practices Shape Everyday Life
Martha Lampland, UC San Diego Professor of Sociology, and Susan Leigh Star (Ed.)
(Cornell University Press, 2009)

Thin Culture, High Art: Gogol, Hawthorne, and Authorship in Nineteenth-Century Russia and America
Anne Lounsbery, UC San Diego Literature alumnus
(Harvard University Press, 2007)

Where Nation-States Come From: Institutional Change in the Age of Nationalism
Philip G. Roeder, UC San Diego Professor of Political Science
(Princeton University Press, 2007)

Dostoevsky's Religion
Steven Cassedy, UC San Diego Professor of Literature
(Stanford University Press, 2005)

Proletpen: America's Rebel Yiddish Poets
Amelia Glaser, UC San Diego Assistant Professor of Literature (Trans. and Ed.)
(University of Wisconsin Press, 2005)

Sustainable Peace: Power and Democracy After Civil Wars
Philip G. Roeder, UC San Diego Professor of Political Science, and Donald Rothchild (Ed.)
(Cornell University Press, 2005)