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Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Courses

Course offerings are constantly changing. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date listing.
* Indicates course may be petitioned for credit toward the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies major or minor.

Fall 2019

LTRU 1A – First-Year Russian (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 2A – Second-Year Russian (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 104B – Advanced Practicum in Russian: Analysis of Text and Film (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 150 – Russian Culture Survey of Russian Theater (Yelena Severina)*

LTEU 154 – Russian Culture Survey of Russian Theater (Yelena Severina)*

POLI 145C – International Relations After the Cold War: Theory and Prospect (David Fisk)*

Winter 2020

LTRU 1B – First-Year Russian (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 2B – Second-Year Russian (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 104C – Advanced Practicum in Russian: Analysis of Text and Film (Rebecca Wells)

LTEN 158 -- Nabokov: Beyond Lolita (Amelia Glaser)*

POLI 147B – Russian-American Relations (Philip Roeder)*

Spring 2020

HIEU 156 – History of the Soviet Union, 1905-1991 (Robert Edelman)

LTRU 1C – First-Year Russian (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 104A – Advanced Practicum in Russian (Rebecca Wells)

LTRU 110C – Survey of Russian and Soviet Literature in Translation, 1917-Present (Yelena Severina)

LTEU 150C - Survey of Russian and Soviet Literature in Translation, 1917-Present (Yelena Severina)*

Petitioning Courses

In any given semester there are likely classes offered (special topics courses, new courses, seminars), not listed above, that will count toward this major or minor through petition. In order for a course to be eligible for petition 50% of the course content must be related to a student's major or minor field of study.

To petition a course students need to:

  1. Fill out an Undergraduate General Student Petition (PDF)
  2. Gather supporting documentation (syllabi, course descriptions, and/or written student work)
  3. Turn in the completed Undergraduate General Student Petition and supporting documentation to the CAESAR Programs Coordinator.


Below is a complete listing of courses that have been approved to count toward the completion of a major or minor in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (REEES).

*Indicates course may be petitionable for credit


COSF 140B  Comparing Media Systems: Europe*

(Students wishing to use this course to fulfill a requirement in Russian and Soviet Studies will be required to write their final paper on a Russian or East European topic, to be chosen in consultation with the professor)

COMM 111  Performance and Cultural Studies


HIEU 134 Russia: 9th Century to 1855

HIEU 152 The Worst of Times: Everyday Life in Authoritarian Dictatorial Societies*

HIEU 156 Russia: 1855 to the Present

HIEU 157 Early Soviet Social History

HIEU 159 Three Centuries of Zionism*

HIEU 174 The Holocaust: A Psychological Approach*

HIEU 178 Special Topics in Modern Russian History

HIEU 184 Yugoslavia: Before, During, and After*

HIEU 199 Independent Study in European History*


LIDS 19 Directed Study Language (Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian)


LTRU 1A-B-C First Year Russian

LTRU 2A-B-C Second Year Russian

LTRU 104 A-B-C Advanced Practicum in Russian

LTRU 110 A-B-C Survey Russian & Soviet Literature in Translation

  • 110A. 1800-1860
  • 110B. 1860-1917
  • 110C. 1917-Present

LTRU 123 Single Author in Russian Literature

LTRU 150 Russian Culture: The Modern Period

LTRU 198 Directed Study Group

LTRU 199 Special Studies

Political Science

POLI 126AB Economics and Development of Eastern Europe*

POLI 130AA The Soviet Successor States*

POLI 130AC Seminar: Soviet Politics

POLI 130AD The Politics of the Russian Revolution*

POLI 142Q The Cold War*

POLI 199 Independent Study for Undergraduates*

POLI 147B - Russian-American Relations


SOCI 188F Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Societies*

SOCI 198 Directed Group Study*

SOCI 199 Independent Study*