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Italian Studies Minor

A minor in Italian Studies consists of 7 upper-division courses from among those listed on our "Courses" page; at least 3 areas (history, literature, visual arts, etc.) must be represented. Credit from the EAP program may be applied toward the minor.

Prerequisite Courses

Students must complete the following prerequisite language courses or their equivalents for all upper-division work in Italian literature:

LIIT 1A. Italian Conversation (2.5)
LIIT 1AX. Analysis of Italian (2.5)

LIIT 1B. Italian Conversation (2.5)
LIIT 1BX. Analysis of Italian (2.5)

LIIT 1C. Italian Conversation (2.5)
LIIT 1CX. Analysis of Italian (2.5)

LTIT 2A. Intermediate Italian I (5)

LTIT 2B. Intermediate Italian II (5)

LTIT 50. Advanced Italian (4)

Minor Courses

7 upper division courses, at least 1 course from 3 different areas (history, literature, visual arts, etc.).

Elective (area 1)

Elective (area 2)

Elective (area 3)





Minor Planning Guide [PDF]

Study Abroad

Italian Studies minors are encouraged to participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) or UC San Diego's Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP) to complete requirements. More information about UCEAP or OAP can be found on the Study Abroad website. You may also contact the Study Abroad Office at 858-534-1123 or via email at

Students considering study abroad must meet with the Italian Studies Program Director before going abroad to discuss how study abroad coursework will fulfill requirements for the minor. 

Students should note that:

  • courses to be applied toward the major/minor, must be the equivalent of at least 4 quarter upper-division units at UC San Diego.
  • these courses must be as academically rigorous as UC San Diego upper-division courses.


Student will need to provide supporting evidence (course descriptions, course syllabi, papers, exams, etc.) of all abroad courses to be applied toward completion of the Italian Studies minor. Study abroad coursework will need to be petitioned upon student's return.