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Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the language, literature, history, theatre, music, and art of Italy. Italian Studies coordinates the resources of the Departments of History, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Political Science, Theatre and Dance, and Visual Arts, and offers students the opportunity to design a major, leading to a B.A., around the course offerings of these seven departments. Students in Italian Studies are encouraged to make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office in order to take advantage of opportunities to study in Italy through the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP). Study Abroad credits may be petitioned for credit and transferred back to UC San Diego.

Students interested in pursuing a major or minor in the Italian Studies should meet with the Program Coordinator to map out their coursework. Visit the Major or Minor page of this website to review the requirements and to download or print an Italian Studies Major or Minor Planning Guide.

You can now support the Italian Studies Program by donating to the Institute of Arts and Humanities Unrestricted Fund. Please include the program in the special instructions section. Give Now

Program Advising

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Program Director

Stephanie Jed

Office: Literature 346
Phone: 858-534-3378

Academic Advising

  • Course Recommendations
  • Study Abroad
  • Honors Program
  • Petition for Exception Approvals