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European Studies Courses

Current course offerings are listed below. European Studies program curriculum is listed below under the their respective tracks, Economics and Political and Culture and Society.

* Indicates course may be petitioned for credit toward the European Studies Minor.

Fall 2019

HIEU 109 – Blood, Soil, Boundaries: Nationalism in Europe (Deborah Hertz)

HIEU 111 – Europe in the Middle Ages (Nancy Caciola)

HISC 107 – The Emergence of Modern Science (Tal Golan)

MUS 4 – Introduction to Western Music (Staff)

MUS 120A – History of Music in Western Culture I (Amy Marie Cimini)

PHIL 13 – Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics (Richard Arneson and Georgios Anagnostopoulos)

PHIL 31 – Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (Georgios Anagnostopoulos)

PHIL 108 – Nineteenth-Century Philosophy (Michael Hardimon)

PHIL 146 – Philosophy of Physics (Craig Adam Callender)*

PHIL 167 – Contemporary Political Philosophy (Andy Lamey)*

PHIL 169 – Feminism and Philosophy (Clinton Tolley)*

PHIL 170 – Philosophy and Race (Michael Hardimon)*

POLI 110A  – Citizens and Saints: Political Thought from Plato to Augustine (David Abram Wiens) 

SOCI 100 – Classical Sociological Theory (Harvey Stern Goldman)

SOCI 106 – Comparative and Historical Methods (Daniel Navon)

SOCI 178 – The Holocaust (Richard Biernacki)

TDHT 101 – Topics in Dramatic Literature and Theatre History (Kim Rubinstein)*

SOCI 178 – The Holocaust (Richard Biernacki)

VIS 20 – Introduction to Art History (Ann Woods)

VIS 122CN – Leonardo da Vinci in Context (Jack Greenstein) 

VIS 158 – Histories of Photography (Grant Kester)*

Spring 2019

LTGM 132 – German Poetry (William O’Brien)*

PHIL 102 – Hellenistic Philosophy (Monte Johnson)*

POLI 110C – Revolution and Reaction: Political thought from Kant to Nietzsche (Sean Ingham)

POLI 120D – Germany: Before, During, and After Division (Joerg Neuheiser)*

POLI 126AB – Politics and Economics in Central Eastern Europe (David Fisk)*

RELI 188 – Special Topics in Religion (Dayna Kalleres)*

VIS 122B – Baroque (William Tronzo)*

Winter 2019

LTEU 105 – Medieval Studies (Stephanie Jed)*

LTEU 140 – Italian Literature in Translation (Adriana De Marchi Gherini)*

LTWL 100 – Mythology (Page duBois)*

POLI 110B – Sovereigns, Subjects, and the Modern State: Political Thought from Machiavelli to Rousseau (David Weins)

PHIL 101 – Aristotle (Monte Johnson)*

POLI 120A – Political Development of Western Europe (Victor Magagna)

POLI 120C – Politics in France (William Chandler)*

RELI 189 – Seminar in Religion (Babak Rahimi)*

VIS 121AN – Art and Experience in the Middle Ages (TBA)

VIS 129C – Image of Work (TBA)*

Petitioning Courses

In any given semester there are likely classes offered (special topics courses, new courses, seminars), not listed above, that will count toward this major or minor through petition. In order for a course to be eligible for petition 50% of the course content must be related to a student's major or minor field of study.

To petition a course students need to:

  1. Fill out an Undergraduate General Student Petition (PDF)
  2. Gather supporting documentation (syllabi, course descriptions, and/or written student work)
  3. Turn in the completed Undergraduate General Student Petition and supporting documentation to the CAESAR Programs Coordinator.

Economics and Politics Track Courses


COSF 140B. Comparative Media Systems: Europe


HIEU 109. European Nationalism from a Historical Perspective

HIEU 113. Rule, Conflict, and Dissent in the Middle Ages

HIEU 126. Age of Expansion: Europe and the World, 1400-1600

HIEU 128. Europe Since 1945

HIEU 141. European Diplomatic History, 1870-1945

HIEU 146. Fascism, Communism, and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy: Europe 1919-1945


PHIL 166. Classics in Political Philosophy

PHIL 167. Contemporary Political Philosophy

Political Science

POLI 110A. Citizens and Saints: Political Thought from Plato to Augustine

POLI 110B. Sovereigns, Subjects, and the Modern State: Political Thought from Machiavelli to Rousseau

POLI 110C. Revolution and Reaction: Political Thought from Kant to Nietzsche

POLI 110DA. Freedom and Discipline: Political Thought in the Twentieth Century

POLI 120A. Political Development of Western Europe

POLI 120H. European Integration

POLI 126AA. Fundamentals of Political Economy: Modern Capitalism

POLI 126AB. Politics and Economics in Eastern Europe


SOCI 177. International Terrorism

Culture and Society Track Courses


ANRG 124. Paths to European Hegemony


HIEU 110. The Rise of Europe

HIEU 111. Europe in the Middle Ages

HIEU 125. Reformation Europe

HIEU 130. Europe in the Eighteenth Century

HIEU 133. Gender in Antiquity and the Early Medieval Mediterranean

HIEU 136A. European Society and Social Thought, 1688–1870

HIEU 136B. European Society and Social Thought, 1870–1989

HIEU 142. European Intellectual History, 1780–1870

HIEU 143. European Intellectual History, 1870–1945

HIEU 147. Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe

HIEU 148: Women and Gender from the Enlightenment to the Victorian Eras

HIEU 149. History of Women in Europe: 1870 to the Present

HIEU 163/263. Special Topics in Medieval History

HIEU 165/265. Special Topics in Early Modern Spain

HIEU 171/271. Special Topics in Twentieth-Century Europe

HIEU 174/274. The Holocaust: A Psychological Approach

HIEU 180/280. Topics in European Women’s History

HISC 101A. Science in the Greek and Modern World

HISC 101B. Medieval Science in the Latin West, ca. 500–1500

HISC 101C. Early Modern Science

HISC 106. The Scientific Revolution

HISC 107. The Emergence of Modern Science


LIGN 141. Language Structures

LIGN 150. Historical Linguistics


LTEU 139. Marx/Nietzsche/Freud

LTTH 115. Introduction to Critical Theory


MUS 4. Introduction to Western Music

MUS 112. Topics in European Music Before 1750

MUS 113. Topics in Classical, Romantic, and Modern Music

MUS 114. Music of the Twentieth Century

MUS 115. Women in Music

MUS 120A-B-C. Survey of Music History and Literature

ICAM 150. History of Art and Technology


PHIL 13. Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics

PHIL 14. Introduction to Philosophy: Metaphysics

PHIL 15. Introduction to Philosophy: Theory of Knowledge

PHIL 31. History of Philosophy: Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 32. History of Philosophy: The Origins of Modern Philosophy

PHIL 33. History of Philosophy: Philosophy in the Age of Enlightenment

PHIL 102. Hellenistic Philosophy

PHIL 104. The Rationalists

PHIL 105. The Empiricists

PHIL 108. Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

PHIL 111. Contemporary Work in Epistemology and Metaphysics

PHIL 126. Topics in the History of Logic

PHIL 145. Philosophy of Science

PHIL 146. Philosophy of Physics

PHIL 153. Philosophy of History

PHIL 161. Topics in the History of Ethics

PHIL 166. Classics in Political Philosophy

PHIL 167. Contemporary Political Philosophy

PHIL 169. Feminism and Philosophy

PHIL 170. Philosophy and Race

PHIL 175. Aesthetics

PHIL 177. Philosophy and Literature

PHIL 180. Phenomenology

PHIL 181. Existentialism

PHIL 182. Marx and Marxism

PHIL 183. Topics in Continental Philosoph


RELI 110A. The Modern Study of Religion: Religion in Modernity

RELI 112. Texts and Contexts: The Holy Book in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

RELI 130. Religion, Science and Magic

RELI 131. Topics in Religion and Sexuality

RELI 132. Topics in Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

RELI 140. Death and Religion

RELI 141. Public Sphere and Religion

RELI 142. Secularization and Religion

RELI 188. Special Topics in Religion

RELI 189. Seminar in Religion


SOCI 20. Social Change in the Modern World

SOCI 100. Classical Sociological Theory

SOCI 106. Comparative and Historical Methods

SOCI 106M. Holocaust Diaries

SOCI 178. The Holocaust

Theatre and Dance

TDHT 101/201. Topics in Dramatic Literature and Theatre History

TDHD 171. Dance History I (Ancient to 1900)

TDHD 172. Dance History II (1900 to 1960)

TDHD 173. Dance History III (1960 to Present)

Visual Arts

VIS 20. Introduction to Art History

VIS 22. Formations of Modern Art

VIS 84. History of Film

VIS 113AN. History of Criticism I: Early Modern

VIS 113BN. History of Criticism II: Early Twentieth Century (1900–1950)

VIS 113CN. History of Criticism III: Contemporary (1950–Present)

VIS 117B. Theories of Representation

VIS 120C. Late Antique Art

VIS 121AN. The Idea of Medieval Art

VIS 121B. Castles, Cathedrals, and Cities

VIS 121C. Art and Gender in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

VIS 121D. The Illuminated Manuscript in the Middle Ages

VIS 122AN. Renaissance Art

VIS 122CN. Defining High Renaissance Art

VIS 123CN. Early Print Culture: The First Media Revolution

VIS 124AN. Baroque Art

VIS 125A. Twentieth-Century Art

VIS 151. History of the Experimental Film

VIS 158. Histories of Photography