Study Abroad

All Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies students are strongly encouraged to make overseas study an integral part of their program. The UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) conducts formal programs of study in Saint Petersburg, where students take courses taught in English and study Russian language. In addition to academics, cultural activities, optional volunteer projects, and weekend trips help students integrate into Russian society. For more information about those programs visit the UCEAP Study Abroad in Russia page. Students may petition to use up to five courses completed while studying abroad in their major, and three in their minor.

You may contact Study Abroad at UC San Diego at 858-534-1123 or via email at

Before Leaving Abroad

Students considering study abroad must meet with the REEES Program Director before going abroad to discuss how study abroad coursework will fulfill requirements for the REEES major or minor. Students should note that:

  • courses to be applied toward the major/minor, must be the equivalent of at least four quarter upper-division units at UC San Diego.
  • these courses, must be as academically rigorous as UC San Diego upper-division courses.


Student will need to provide supporting evidence (course descriptions, course syllabi, papers, exams, etc.) of all abroad courses to be applied toward completion of the REEES major/minor. Most study abroad coursework will need to be petitioned upon student's return.

Returning from Abroad

Once your study abroad coursework has transferred, please follow these steps to petition the courses to count for credit toward the minor.

  1. Fill out an Undergraduate Student Petition [PDF] form for each course.
  2. Include department course number and course title.
  3. If abroad transcript has been forwarded to UC San Diego, attach a copy from TritonLink to the petition. (Students may petition abroad courses pending receipt of official transcript verifying appropriate transfer credits and grade.)
  4. Student will need to meet with, or email the petition(s) to the Program Director, who will review the petition and course documents (syllabus, papers, and/or exams).
  5. After the Program Director has approved the Undergraduate Student Petition(s) turn it in to the CAESAR Programs Coordinator.

If you have questions about this process or require assistance with filling out the paperwork please contact the CAESAR Programs Coordinator.


Other Study Abroad Opportunities

Language Immersion Program

Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian” offers intensive Russian language courses with qualified teachers for kids, youth and adults all year round. Total Russian language immersion, staying with Russian host families and active cultural program guarantee the fast progress in the Russian language within a short period of time.
You may find more info about as:

The Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute

CLI offers intensive courses in East European, Mediterranean, Central Asian, and Southeast Asian languages. Students selected for CLI pay a flat fee of $1200 for up to 13 semester credits, plus study-abroad fees if they join an overseas program. Undergraduate and graduate funding is available. CLI also offers scholarships to professionals and non-students. ROTC Project GO funding is available for selected languages. Admission is competitive. 




Study two months intensive elementary study at ASU (with optional 1 month study in country) then travel abroad, for 8–13 academic credits.

Albanian (ASU + Tirana)
Armenian (ASU + Yerevan)
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (ASU + Sarajevo)
Modern Hebrew (ASU only)
Indonesian (ASU + Denpasar)
Macedonian (ASU only)
Persian (ASU only)
Polish (ASU + Poznan)
Russian (ASU + Bishkek)
Turkish (ASU + Izmir)
Uzbek (ASU + Tashkent)

Sessions in ASU include daily co-curricular programming, grant mentoring and career planning opportunities.

Sessions abroad feature academically challenging study, extensive co-curricular programming, integrated into academic coursework and conducted in 1-on-1 or small-group format by local language coaches.


Study over the summer in two-month intensive programs providing 8-10 academic credits

Albanian (Tirana) 2nd year
Armenian (Yerevan) 2nd year and up
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (Sarajevo) 2nd year and up
Indonesian (Denpasar) 2nd year and up
Russian (Bishkek) 2nd-4th year and up
Russian (St. Petersburg) 5th-6th year
Turkish (Izmir) 2nd year and up

Programs feature homestays, extensive co-curricular programming, integrated into academic coursework and conducted in 1-on1 or small-group format by local language coaches, and internships at the 5th year level and up.

V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University

Skype language school through Kharkiv, Ukraine.
YouTube Channel [website]

There is no single way to learn a language and discover a new culture. Thus, we offer an alternative learning experience that caters to a broad group of students. Online learning allows convenient study at home, at a personalized pace and provides opportunity for weekly communication with native Russian speakers such as professors and the students of Karazin University.

The aim of the courses to familiarize young enquiring minds with the roots of Slavic mythology, the base of Russian-Ukrainian relationship and the our cultural heritage.


Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies

CAESAR Programs Coordinator


Andrianna Martinez

Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 1105

Walk-in Advising:
10:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-3:00 PM
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