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New Grants to Support Research in the Field of Russian Jewish Experience

Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry awards grants to graduate students, as well as junior and senior faculty, to support research projects in the field of Russian Jewish experience. These research projects may be carried out in various disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, linguistics, history, arts, psychology, education and religion. Eligible research projects may cover various time periods - from Imperial Russia and the Soviet era to the Post-soviet contemporary period.  The geographic regions researched may range from the Former Soviet Union to the United States and Canada, Israel, Germany, Australia and other regions.
To learn more and to apply, visit their website at
The research grants were made possible with the generous support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group.


Upcoming Events

A new adaptation of Ansky’s classic Yiddish play, The Dybbuk, by UCSD Professor Todd Salovey. Special rates for students.
November 23 - December 18 | Lyceum Space
Hannah and Sam are getting married and you are invited! As Klezmer legend Yale Strom and friends play live music, Uncle Jerry stands to offer a toast for the bride and groom.  Moved by the spirit of the moment, as well as the spirits he has consumed, Jerry’s toast is a tour-de-force one-man performance of the most celebrated play in Yiddish literature, S. Ansky’s The Dybbuk.
Nationally renowned master actor and clown Ron Campbell, last seen at The REP in R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE, plays 20 characters in this Dybbuk. The mystical story centers on a broken vow that results in a wandering spirit taking possession of a bride on her wedding day. Boundaries between the natural and supernatural worlds dissolve in this tale of powerful young love and spiritual possession.
You will find yourself under the spell of a Yiddish classic that is a humorous and horrific folk tale of wondrous meaning.

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