Russian, East European, & Eurasian Major

The major requires a study of Russian language and a minimum of twelve upper-division courses. Students declaring a REEES major should use major code RU26 for Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies; the old code, RU25 for Russian & Soviet Studies, is being phased out and is no longer administratively supported.

Language Requirement

The major requires a study of Russian language. Russian courses are taken through the Literature Department's Language and Culture Programs. All questions regarding language placement and classes should be directed to the Literature department. Other East European or Eurasian languages may be used to fulfill this requirement by petition.

First Year Russian

LTRU 1A. First Year Russian

LTRU 1B. First Year Russian

LTRU 1C. First Year Russian

Second Year Russian

LTRU 2A. Second Year Russian

LTRU 2B. Second Year Russian


Majors who have taken language courses in high school or at community colleges should speak to the Program Director about how those courses may count toward completing their language competency.

Core Requirements

3 - Advanced Practicum courses in Russian, chosen from LTRU 104 A-B-C. 

3 - Russian Literature (LTRU) courses, or other Literature courses focusing on the broader region of Eastern Europe and Eurasia (a fourth quarter of LTRU 104 may fulfill this requirement).

2 - Russian, Eurasian, or East European History courses (HIEU)

Elective Requirements

4 - REEES Elective courses of the student's choice, in any department.


  • All coursework completed for the Major must be taken for a letter grade (a C- or better to count).
  • It is possible to petition to substitute a similar History or Literature course for a required course, in cases where the course is not being offered or the student has an alternate focus (such as East European or Eurasian Studies) that has been approved by a faculty advisor. 

    Major Planning Guide [PDF]

CAESAR Programs Coordinator


Andrianna Martinez

Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 1105
(858) 534-4551

Walk-in Advising:
10:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-3:00 PM
and by appointment


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