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Italian Studies Courses

Italian Studies is an affiliated program that's curriculum is made up of courses offered by multiple departments on campus. Below are courses currently on offer for this academic year, as well as a complete listing of the course Italian Studies currently approved to count toward the completion of the major or minor.

* Indicates course may be petitioned for credit toward the Italian Studies major and minor.

Course Offerings 2019-20

Fall 2019

LIIT 1A – Italian Conversation (Elke Riebeling)

LIIT 1AX – Analysis of Italian (Elke Riebeling)

LTIT 2A – Intermediate Italian (Adriana De Marchi Gherini)

LTIT 100 – Introduction to Literatures in Italian (Adriana De Marchi Gherini)

VIS 122CN – Leonardo da Vinci in Context (Jack Greenstein)

LTEU 140 – Italian Literature in Translation. Italo Calvino (Stephanie Jed)*

Winter 2020

LIIT 1B – Italian Conversation (TBD)

LIIT 1BX – Analysis of Italian (TBD)

LTIT 2B – Intermediate Italian II (Adriana De Marchi Gherini)

LTIT 115 – Medieval Studies (Adriana De Marchi Gherini)

LTEU 140 – Italian Literature in Translation. (Pasquale Verdicchio)*

POLI 110B – Sovereigns, Subjects, and the Modern State: Political Thought from Machiavelli to Rousseau (Sean Ingham)*

VIS 122D – Michaelangelo (Jack Greenstein)

Spring 2020

LIIT 1C – Italian Conversation (TBD)

LIIT 1CX – Analysis of Italian (TBD)

LTIT 50 – Advanced Italian (Adriana De Marchi Gherini)

Petitioning Courses

In any given semester there are likely classes offered (special topics courses, new courses, seminars), not listed above, that will count toward this major or minor through petition. In order for a course to be eligible for petition 50% of the course content must be related to a student's major or minor field of study.

To petition a course students need to:

  1. Fill out an Undergraduate General Student Petition (PDF)
  2. Gather supporting documentation (syllabi, course descriptions, and/or written student work)
  3. Turn in the completed Undergraduate General Student Petition and supporting documentation to the CAESAR Programs Coordinator.

Italian Studies Curriculum

For description of courses listed below, see appropriate departmental listing in the UC San Diego Catalog.

* Course may be petitionable for credit, provided 50% of content is related to Italian Studies


HIEU 113 Rule, Conflict and Dissent in the Middle Ages

HIEU 120 The Renaissance in Italy

HIEU 122 Politics, Italian Renaissance Style

HIEU 199 Independent Study for Undergraduates


LIIT 1A-B-C Italian Conversation (prerequisite for UD courses)


LTIT 2A-B Advanced Italian (prerequisite for UD courses)

LTIT 50 Advanced Italian (prerequisite for UD courses)

LTIT 100 Introduction to Italian Literature

LTIT 110 Selected Topics in Italian Literature (may be repeated for credit as topics vary)

LTIT 115 Medieval Studies

LTIT 122 Studies in Modern Italian Culture

LTIT 137 Studies in Modern Italian Prose

LTIT 143 Major Italian Authors

LTIT 161 Advanced Stylistics and Conversation

LTIT 192 Seminar

LTIT 196 Honors Thesis

LTIT 198 Directed Group Study

LTIT 199 Special Studies


MUS 113 Topics in Classic, Romantic, and Modern Music*

Theatre & Dance

TDHT 104 Italian Comedy*

Visual Arts

VIS 122CN Defining High Renaissance Art

VIS 122D Michelangelo

VIS 128B Topics in Early Modern Art History*

VIS 129B Seminar in Early Modern Art History*