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German Studies Major

Students plan their major in consultation with their German Studies faculty adviser, and submit it to the program director for approval. All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade, and must be passed with a C- or better. The major in German Studies requires twelve upper-division courses chosen from among the core course list.

UC San Diego Academic Planning Worksheet (PDF)

German Studies Major Checklist (PDF)

For background information, view the Learning Objectives of the German Studies Program (PDF).

Language Requirement

The first year of German is taken through the Linguistics Department's Language Program. The second year of German is taken through the Literature Department's Language and Culture Programs. All questions regarding language placement and classes should be directed to these two departments. 

Students need to attain competence in German (two years of university-level language courses or the equivalent) before they can take certain required upper-division courses. It is recommended that students attain this level of competence early in the program.

First Year German

LIGM 1A/AX. German Conversation/Analysis of German

LIGM 1B/BX. German Conversation/Analysis of German

LIGM 1C/CX. German Conversation/Analysis of German

Second Year German

LTGM 2A. Intermediate German I

LTGM 2B. Intermediate German II

LTGM 2C. Intermediate German III


Majors who have taken language courses in high school or at community colleges should speak to the Program Director about how those courses may count toward completing their language competency.

Major Requirements

German Studies I and II

LTGM 100. German Studies I: Aesthetic Cultures

LTGM 101. German Studies II: National Identities

German Literature Requirement

three courses in German literature

LTGM Elective

LTGM Elective

LTGM Elective

German History Requirement

two courses in German history

German History Elective

German History Elective

Elective Courses

Five additional core courses, taken in at least two different departments. At least two of these courses must be taken outside the literature department.

German Studies Elective (non-Lit)

German Studies Elective (non-Lit/Dept.1)

German Studies Elective (Dept. 2)

German Studies Elective

German Studies Elective

Study Abroad

All German Studies students are strongly encouraged to make overseas study an integral part of their program. The UC Education Abroad Program (EAP), UC San Diego's Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP), or Global Seminars may be used to complete requirements for the major. Students may petition to use up to 5 courses completed while studying abroad in their major. 

 The UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) conducts formal programs of study in Berlin, and Munich, ranging from 1-quarter, intensive beginning language programs to a full year of study at a German university. For more information about those programs visit the UCEAP Study Abroad in Germany page. Information about all of these programs may be found on the Study Abroad UC San Diego page. You may also contact the Study Abroad Office at 858-534-1123 or via email at

Students considering study abroad must meet with the German Studies Program Director before going abroad to discuss how study abroad coursework will fulfill requirements for the major. Students should note that:

  • courses to be applied toward the major/minor, must be the equivalent of at least 4 quarter upper-division units at UC San Diego.
  • these courses must be as academically rigorous as UC San Diego upper-division courses.


Student will need to provide supporting evidence (course descriptions, course syllabi, papers, exams, etc.) of all abroad courses to be applied toward completion of the German Studies major. Study abroad coursework will need to be petitioned upon student's return.