How to Declare a Major or Minor

Students declare their minor by following the following steps: 

Find your Undergraduate Minor Code.

  • The Minor Code for German Studies is: GS25. 

Declare a minor

  1. Make sure you understand the general university requirements for minors.
  • Lower-division classes can apply to both your major and your minor.
  • You can use two upper-division courses (a maximum of eight units) to fulfill the requirements for a minor that have also been used to satisfy the requirements of a major.
  • You can't use an upper-division course to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor.
  • Read the Academic Senate policy on minors (section E).
  1. Check on specific requirements for the minor you've selected.
  • Read your minor's entry in the General Catalog's courses and curricula section.
  • If you want to declare a minor that's not in the catalog, check with the department advisor.
  • Check with your college advisor to see if your college requires a program of concentration and how that would affect your eligibility for declaring a minor.
  1. Complete an Undergraduate Declaration of Minor using the Major/Minor tool.
  • If you need to change a course in your approved minor, contact the department directly.

Students plan their minor in consultation with their German Studies faculty adviser, and submit it to the program director for approval. All courses taken for the minor must be taken for a letter grade, and must be passed with a C- or better. The minor in German Studies requires seven courses, five of which must be upper-division courses. 

You can learn more about the pre-requisite courses and course offerings for the minor HERE