German Studies Program Course Information

Current Course Offerings

Course offerings are constantly changing. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date listing.
* Indicates course may be petitioned for credit

Fall 2016

HIEU 142 European Intellectual History 1780-1870 (Margrit Frölich)

HIEU 154 Modern Germany: Bismarck to Hitler (Frank Biess)

LTGM 2A Intermediate German (Jeannette Mohr)

LTGM 101 German Studies II: National Identities (Todd Kontje)

LTWL 150 Modernity and Literature (Todd Kontje)

POLI 120B German Political System (David Fisk)

Winter 2017

HIEU 158 Why Hitler? How Auschwitz? (Deborah Hertz)

LTGM 2B Intermediate German (Jeannette Mohr)

MUS 112 The Late Baroque: Bach and Handel (Jane Stevens)


Spring 2017

LTGM 2C Intermediate German (Mohr)

HIEU 144 History through Film - WWII and its Aftermath in Europe (Frolich)

HIEU 145 The Holocaust as Public History (Frolich)

HIEU 171 Special Topics in 20th Century Europe (Biess)

POLI 120H European Integration (Fisk)

Summer Session II

HIEU 152  Everyday Life in Authoritarian and Dictatorial Societies in Berlin (Patterson)

Core Courses

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) frequently cover topics bearing on German Studies. Students should check the departments' quarterly course descriptions and yearly course spreads for their applicability to the program, discuss them in advance with their German Studies adviser and submit a petition to count these courses toward your minor, since the topics do not always bear on German Studies.

German Studies

GMST 196A/B Honors Thesis


HIEU 125 Reformation Europe

HIEU 132 Germany from Luther to Bismarck

HIEU 142 European Intellectual History: 1780-1870

HIEU 143 European Intellectual History: 1870-1945

HIEU 146 Fascism, Communism, and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy

HIEU 154 Modern German History

HIEU 158 Why Hitler? How Auschwitz?

HIEU 155 Modern Austria

HIEU 177 Special Topics in Modern German Thought


LTGM 2A Intermediate German I

LTGM 2B Intermediate German II

LTGM 2C Intermediate German III

LTGM 100 German Studies I: Aesthetic Cultures

LTGM 101 German Studies II: National Identities

LTGM 123 Eighteenth-Century German Literature

LTGM 125 Nineteenth-Century German Literature

LTGM 126 Twentieth-Century German Literature

LTGM 130 German Literary Prose

LTGM 131 German Dramatic Literature

LTGM 132 German Poetry

LTGM 190 Seminars in German Culture

LTEU 110 European Romanticism*

LTEU 130 German Literature in Translation

LTEU 139 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud

LTWL 4B Fiction and Film in Twentieth-Century Societies*

LTWL 107 Prose Fiction*

LTWL 160 Women and Literature*

LTWL 172 Special Topics in Literature*

LTWL 176 Literature and Ideas*

LTWL 180 Film Studies and Literature: Film History*

LTWL 183 Film Studies and Literature: Director's Work*


MUS 112 The Late Baroque: Bach and Handel

MUS 113 Topics in Classic, Romantic, and Modern Music*


PHIL 106 Kant

PHIL 107 Hegel

PHIL 108 19th-Century Philosophy*

PHIL 180 Phenomenology

PHIL 181 Existentialism

PHIL 183 Topics in Continental Philosophy*

Political Science

POLI 110C Revolution and Reaction: Political Thought from Kant to Nietzsche

POLI 114B Marxist Political Thought

POLI 120B The German Political System

POLI 120D Germany: Before, During, and After Division

POLI 120H European Integration*


SOCD 178 The Holocaust

Theatre and Dance

TDHT 101 Topics in Dramatic Literature and Theatre History*

TDHT 102 Masters of Theatre*

Petitioning Courses

In any given semester there are likely classes offered (special topics courses, new courses, seminars), not listed above, that will count toward this major or minor through petition. In order for a course to be eligible for petition 50% of the course content must be related to a student's major or minor field of study.

To petition a course students need to:

1. Fill out an Undergraduate General Student Petition [PDF]

2. Gather supporting documentation (syllabi, course descriptions, and/or written student work)

3. Turn in the completed Undergraduate General Student Petition and supporting documentation to the CAESAR Programs Coordinator.


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