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European Studies: People

Program Director

William Tronzo     
Teaching Professor of Visual Arts 
Visual Arts, Room 351

Program Coordinator and Student Advisor 

Jose Agustin Ibarra
Current undergraduate students, please use the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) for advising questions.
Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 1024

Walk-in Advising:
9:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-3:00 PM
and by appointment

Affiliated Faculty 


Thomas Csordas, Professor, Anthropology


Daniel Hallin, Professor, Communication


Frank Biess, Associate Professor, History

Nancy A. Caciola, Associate Professor, History

Robert S. Edelman, Professor, History

Thomas Gallant, Professor, History

Cathy Gere, Associate Professor, History

Mark G. Hanna, Associate Professor, History

Deborah Hertz, Professor, History

Christine Hunefeldt, Professor, History

Hasan Kayali, Associate Professor, History

Patrick Patterson, Associate Professor, History

Michael Provence, Associate Professor, History

Pamela B. Radcliff, Professor and Chair, History


Eric Bakovic, Associate Professor, Linguistics

Robert Kluender, Professor, Linguistics

Sharon Rose, Associate Professor, Linguistics


John D. Blanco, Associate Professor, Literature

Alain Cohen, Professor, Literature

Stephen Cox, Professor, Literature

Adriana De Marchi Gherini, Lecturer, Literature

Page duBois, Professor, Literature

Fatima El-Tayeb, Associate Professor, Literature

Amelia Glaser, Associate Professor, Literature

Stephanie H. Jed, Professor, Literature

Dayna Kalleres, Associate Professor, Literature

Todd Kontje, Professor, Literature

Lisa Lampert-Weissig, Professor, Literature

Ping-hu Liao, Professor, Literature

Margaret Loose, Associate Professor, Literature

Luis Martin-Cabrera, Associate Professor, Literature

Catherine Ploye, Lecturer, Literature

Pasquale Verdicchio, Professor, Literature

Oumelbanine Zhiri, Professor, Literature


Georgios H. Anagnostopoulos, Professor, Philosophy

David O. Brink, Professor, Philosophy

Michael O. Hardimon, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Monte Ransome Johnson, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Samuel C. Rickless, Professor, Philosophy

Donald Rutherford, Professor and Chair, Philosophy

Clinton Tolley, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Eric Watkins, Professor, Philosophy

Political Science

Clark Gibson, Professor and Chair, Political Science

Germaine Hoston, Professor, Political Science

Gerald Mackie, Associate Professor, Political Science

Victor Magagna, Associate Professor, Political Science

Philip G. Roeder, Professor, Political Science

Christina Schneider, Associate Professor, Political Science

Kaare Strom, Professor, Political Science

Religious Studies

Babak Rahimi, Associate Professor, Religious Studies


Richard Biernacki, Associate Professor, Sociology

Harvey Goldman, Professor, Sociology

Jeffrey Haydu, Professor, Sociology

Martha Lampland, Professor, Sociology

Isaac Martin, Professor, Sociology

Akos Rona-Tas, Professor, Sociology

Andrew Scull, Professor, Sociology

Gershon Shafir, Professor, Sociology

Charles Thorpe, Associate Professor, Sociology

Visual and Performing Arts

Norman Bryson, Professor, Visual Arts

Jim Carmody, Associate Professor, Theater and Dance

Jack M. Greenstein, Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Matthew Herbst, Associate Teaching Professor, Visual Arts

Grant Kester, Professor, Visual Arts

Babette Mangolte, Professor, Visual Arts

Marianne McDonald, Professor, Theater and Dance

Jordan Rose, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

John Welchman, Professor, Visual Arts

Alena Williams, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Emeritus Faculty

Wm. Arctander O'Brien, Literature

Steven Cassedy, Literature

William M. Chandler, Political Science

Gerald Doppelt, Philosophy

Jean-Pierre Gorin, Visual Arts

Marcel Henaff, Literature and Political Science

Alan Houston, Political Science

Jorge Mariscal, Literature

Chandra Mukerji, Communication

Sheldon A. Nodelman, Visual Arts

David R. Ringrose, History

Jane Stevens, Music

Carlos Waisman, Sociology

Winifred Woodhall, Literature

Kathryn A. Woolard, Anthropology


Faculty In Memoriam

Eliot Wirshbo, Literature