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European Studies Minor

The European Studies minor is for students with strong European interests or who plan to study in Europe on an EAP or OAP program but also those who seek to complement their major with the study of Europe as a political, cultural, and economic entity. To receive a minor in European Studies, a student must complete 7 4-unit courses (28 units) at least 5 of which must be upper-division courses. Students plan their minor in consultation with a European Studies faculty advisor. All courses taken for the minor must be taken for a letter grade, and must be passed with a C- or better. A maximum of 2 199 or 198 courses, and a maximum of 3 Study Abroad Courses may be petitioned to fulfill minor requirements.

Minor Planning Guide (PDF)

Language Proficiency

ALL minors must demonstrate basic proficiency in a single European language other than English by completing four quarters of language instruction (or equivalent). Students may also complete this requirement by demonstrating advanced language ability on a proficiency exam. Students completing the language requirement through waiver (700 or better on SAT II language, score of 4 or better on AP language), or proficiency exam will fulfill the language component of the minor by completing one of these requirements but no course credit will be applied toward the (seven) courses required for the minor.

Up to TWO four-unit courses in foreign language can be included in the seven courses required for the minor. These may be lower-division courses.

Equivalencies: 700< SAT; 4< AP Language Exam; UC San Diego Language Proficiency Exam

Course Requirements

3 upper division courses with a focus on Europe as a whole, at least 1 from each track--Economics and Politics Track (EPT) and Culture and Society Track (CST), and 1 of the 3 track courses must be a history course.

Economics and Politics Track course

Culture and Society Track course

EPT or CST History course

4 additional upper division European themed elective courses (or 2 upper division ES courses & 2 language courses).

UD Elective (or language) course

UD Elective (or language) course

UD Elective course

UD Elective course


Study Abroad

European Studies students are encouraged to participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP), UC San Diego's Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP), or Global Seminars to complete requirements for the minor. For the European Studies minor, a maximum of 3 study abroad courses may be petitioned to fulfill minor requirements.

More information about EAP or OAP and the Global Seminars can be found on the Study Abroad UC San Diego website. You may also contact the Study Abroad Office at 858-534-1123 or via email at

Students considering study abroad must meet with the European Studies Program Director before going abroad to discuss how study abroad coursework will fulfill minor requirements.

Students should note that:

  • courses to be applied toward the major/minor, must be the equivalent of at least 4 quarter upper-division units at UC San Diego.
  • these courses must be as academically rigorous as UC San Diego upper-division courses.


Student will need to provide supporting evidence (course descriptions, course syllabi, papers, exams, etc.) of all abroad courses to be applied toward completion of the European Studies minor. Study abroad coursework will need to be petitioned upon student's return.