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Honors in Greek, Latin, and Classics

Classical Studies students discussing an exhibit at the Getty Villa.

Honors is intended for the most talented and motivated students majoring in Greek, Latin, classics, or Greek and Hebrew. Requirements for admission to the honors program are:

  1. Junior standing;
  2. An overall GPA of 3.5;
  3. A GPA in the major of 3.7.

Qualified students majoring in Greek, Latin, or Classics may apply at the end of their junior year to the program faculty on the basis of 1) a thesis proposal (three to four pages) worked out in advance with a classical studies faculty member; and 2) a recommendation from that faculty member. It is strongly advised that the proposal be based upon a class paper or project from a course taken towards completion of the major.

The core of the honors program is an honors thesis. The research and writing of the thesis will be conducted over the winter and spring, or fall and winter terms of the senior year. Up to four hours of 196 credit to this end may be counted towards the major in place of one of the courses in English translation. The thesis will be read and evaluated by the thesis adviser and another member of the program faculty. If the thesis is accepted and the student maintains a 3.7 GPA, departmental honors will be awarded. The level of honors-distinction, high distinction, or highest distinction-will be determined by the program faculty.