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Classical Studies 

Please check back in the fall for 2019-2020 events. 

Center for Hellenic Studies 

October 14th
Lecture: Reading Boredom: Pliny the Younger, Praise and Competition in the Panegyrici Latini
5-7PM @ Galbraith Room, H&SS 4025, 4th Floor, Muir College
Lecture featuring Macro Formisano, Professor, Department of Literary Studies, Ghent University

October 30th
Lecture: Cities on the Edge of War: Teaching Greek History Through a Strategy Role-Playing Game
4-6PM @ Marshall College Room, Price Center West, Level 2
Lecture featuring Eric Robinson, Professor, Department of History, Indiana University Bloomington

November 4th
Lecture: Jews, Greeks, and the American Racial Imagination (Co-sponsored with Jewish Studies)
5-7PM @ Seuss Library, Ida & Cecil Green Faculty Club
Lecture featuring Devin E. Naar, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Washington

November 6th
Lecture: Defending Democracy from Extremism: The Rise and Apparent Fall of the Greek Golden Dawn (Co-sponsored with International Institute Faculty Group on Fascism @ Authoritarian Populism)
5-7PM @ Huerta-Vera Cruz Room, Original Student Center
Lecture featuring Antonis Ellinas, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Cyprus

November 18th
Lecture: Thessaloniki: A Metro-Polis Through the Centuries
5-7PM @ The Village at Torrey Pines - 15th Floor, Room 15-B / 1 Scholars Drive N
Lecture featuring Dr. Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Director General of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

November 25th
Lecture: Alien or Alienable? Some Notes on the Greeks' View of Phoenicians (Co-sponsored with Classical Studies)
4:30-7PM @ Barrett Room, HDH Admin Building, 4th Floor
Lecture featuring Carolina Lopez-Ruiz, Professor, Department of Classics, The Ohio State University

February 3rd
Annual Vassiliadis Lecture: Maren Niehoff
5-7PM @ The Village at Torrey Pines - 15th Floor, Room 15-A / 1 Scholars Drive N
Lecture featuring Maren Niehoff, Max Cooper Professor of Jewish Thought at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

February 26th
Annual Ranglas Lecture: Oresteia and Athenian Politics
5-7PM @ The Village at Torrey Pines - 15th Floor, Room 15-A / 1 Scholars Drive N
Lecture featuring Dr. Constance Carroll, Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District

March 10th
Lecture: Who's Who: Anagnorisis (Recognition) and Late Ancient Christianity
Time and Location TBD
Lecture featuring Ellen Muehlberger, Professor, Departments of HIstory and Middle East Studies, University of Michigan

March 25th
Celebration for Greek Independence Day
Time and Location TBD

Lecture: Amalia Avramidou
Time and Location TBD
Lecture featuring Amalia Avramidou, Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology, Department of Language, Literature, and Culture of the Black Sea Countries, Democritus University of Thrace

2019-2020 Event List

Past events will be archived here.