Course Offerings


Course offerings are constantly changing. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date listing.
* Indicates course may be petitioned for credit

Fall 2016

HUM 3 Renaissance, Reformation & Early Modern Europe

JUDA 1 Beginning Hebrew

LTGK 1 Beginning Greek

LTGK 104 Greek Prose

LTLA 1 Beginning Latin

LTLA 100 Introduction to Latin Literature

LTWL 19A Intro/Ancient Greeks & Romans

PHIL 100 Plato

POLI 110A Citizens & Saints: Political Thought from Plato to Augustine

Winter 2017

HUM 1 The Foundations of Western Civilization: Israel and Greece

LTGK 2 Intermediate Greek (I)

LTGK 102 Greek Poetry

LTLA 2 Intermediate Latin (I)

LTLA 102 Latin Poetry

LTWL 19B Introduction to the Ancient Greeks and Romans

LTWL 100 Mythology-Myths of Greeks and Romans

PHIL 101 Aristotle

Spring 2017

HUM 2 Rome, Christianity & Middle Ages

LTGK 3 Intermediate Greek II

LTLA 3 Intermediate Latin II

LTLA 135 Drama

LTWL 19C Intro/Ancient Greeks & Romans

LTWL 106 Classical Tradiation: Homer



Undergraduate Courses

Below is a listing (by department) of all the courses that have been approved to count toward the completion of the Classical Studies major. For description of courses listed below, see appropriate departmental listing in the UCSD General Catalog.

Classical Studies

CLAS 196A-B Honors Thesis

Judaic Studies

JUDA 1-2-3 Beginning and Intermediate Hebrew


HUM 1 The Foundations of Western Civilization: Israel and Greece

HUM 2 Rome, Christianity and the Medieval World

HUM 3 Renaissance, Reformation, and Early Modern Europe


HIEU 101 Greece in the Classical Age

HIEU 101A Ancient Greek Civilization

HIEU 102 The Roman Republic

HIEU 103 The Roman Empire

HIEU 105 The Early Christian Church

HIEU 133 Gender in Antiquity and the Early Medieval Mediterranean

HIEU 160 Topics in the History of Greece

HIEU 199 Independent Study in Greek and Roman History

HISC 101 A Science in the Greek and Roman World


LTGK 1-2-3 Beginning and Intermediate Greek

LTGK 110 Archaic Period

LTGK 112 Homer

LTGK 113 Classical Period

LTGK 120 New Testament Greek

LTGK 130 Tragedy

LTGK 131 Comedy

LTGK 132 History

LTGK 133 Prose

LTGK 135 Lyric Poetry

LTGK 198 Directed Group Study

LTGK 199 Special Studies

LTLA 1-2-3 Beginning and Intermediate Latin

LTLA 4 Intensive Elementary Latin

LTLA 100 Introduction to Latin Literature

LTLA 111 Pre-Augustan

LTLA 114 Vergil

LTLA 116 Silver Latin

LTLA 131 Prose

LTLA 132 Lyric and Elegiac Poetry

LTLA 133 Epic

LTLA 134 History

LTLA 135 Drama

LTLA 198 Directed Group Study

LTLA 199 Special Studies

LTEU 102 Women in Antiquity


LTWL 100 Mythology

LTWL 102 Woman in Antiquity

LTWL 106 Classical Tradition
Previously LTGN 100/ LTEU 100 (May be repeated as topics vary)

LTWL 158A Topics in the New Teastament

LTWL 158B Topics in Early Christian Texts and Cultures

LTWL 158C Topics in Other Christianities


PHIL 100 Plato

PHIL 101 Aristotle

PHIL 102 Hellenistic Philosophy

*PHIL 110 History of Philosophy: Ancient

PHIL 199 Independent Study

Political Science

POLI 110A Citizens and Saints: Political Thought from Plato to Augustine

Theatre & Dance

TDHT 116 Old Myths in New Films

Visual Arts

VIS 120A Greek Art

VIS 120B Roman Art

VIS 120C Late Antique Art

Graduate Courses


HIGR 260 Topics in the History of Greece


LTCO 210 Classical Studies

LTGK 297 Directed Studies

LTGK 298 Special Projects

LTLA 297 Directed Studies

LTLA 298 Special Projects


PHIL 210 Greek Philosophy

PHIL 290 Directed Independent Study

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